Guest Post: The Macaroni Song

Today’s guest post comes via Mrs. Nostrikethat and the antics of Howling Mad Murdoch. I have to preface this story by pointing out that the little guy attends what some people might call a “Posh” private preschool. It’s the kind of place where the drop-off line is full of Lexus and Mercedes SUVs with stickers on them exorbitantly-priced private high schools. It’s the kind of place, for example, one might send one’s child when one inherits a miniscule sum of money from a distant relative and decides that relative might have wished it go to further an education, instead of going towards boxes o’ wine. It’s all very precious and we are generally pretty amused by the whole scene.

As I picked up Number 4 child from preschool his teacher, a lovely young lady with no children of her own pulled me aside. With a concerned expression she whispered, “Mrs. Nostrikethat, I need to talk to you about your son.”

S-Word S-Word S-Word S-…

“Sometimes he seems to get a little sensitive.”


“Maybe if you have time later you can share with me some things you see at home.”


“I haven’t noticed a pattern, but today, for example, in Music class, he did not seem to like one of the songs and got…sensitive about it.”

I can’t even explain the week I have had, but suffice to say I have bigger fish to fry than a sensitive 4 year old. Perhaps, if he was my only Unique And Special Snowflake I might spring into action and try to solve his sensitivity through some sort of hugging or musical therapy. As it stands today though…

Stubborn? Yes. Fiendishly cute? 6 days a week and twice on Sunday. Overly sensitive?


“Oh, okay then. I will see you at Back to School Night!”


I will not be attending the Back To School night.

I have three other children.

This is my 4th child in preschool and, to be honest, I don’t care any more. It’s Preschool. He’ll survive.

I am pretty well-versed in Back to School things and while I love my 4 year old very much, this is one thing that I’m not going to do.

Line drawn.

And that line is a Hypotemoose.
And that line is a Hypotemoose.

So we left the school and got into the car. As I’m walking out with Numero 4 I asked,”what happened in music?”

“I HATE that Macaroni song.  We do it every time and I don’t like it and I don’t want to act like a horse so I told them that.”

Stubborn? Yes. Sensitive?

Well then. That explains that. Good luck Ms. Hasnokids! I think you can handle this one on your own.


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