Nostrikewhat? (About me)

The name of the site comes from the old habit of dictating to someone who was transcribing on a typewriter… the secretary would schooch the paper back over and hit minus signs over the originally captured idea so it could be omitted from the “clean” copy later. I wanted to capture a little bit of that unfiltered, first-thing-that-I-think-of type writing.

I am a father of 4 fairly typical kids- 3 boys and a girl (Boy-girl-boy-boy). My parenting philosophy can best be summed up as “Children should be neither seen nor heard, because they’re outside running around so I can get some peace and quiet around here.” I call this “Ignore Parenting“.

Writing is not my full-time job, but I’d like it to be one day. Your visit is encouragement in that direction, so thank you.

My current hobby is growing my beard. If it’s true that inside every fat girl is a skinny girl dying to get out, then it’s doubly true that inside every man is a beard trying to get out. You would think it would be easy, but you would be wrong. Then after a few months I shave it off because I can’t deal with how non-uniform it is and no one is really buying that one comb-over spot anyway. Then I forget how irritated I was, romanticize how awesome I looked with the beard, and grow it back.

Elton John Ain't Got Nuthin on Me

Update: as of November I am currently beardless and fantasizing about growing it back again.

The Kids

As a child of the 80s, the opportunity to NOT name my kids after the characters on “The A-Team” was too good to pass up.



My oldest son is in middle school and is an occasional guest blogger at Nostrikethat. He likes swimming, video games, and bludgeoning people to death with his Giant Brain.


My second son is currently in first grade and possesses a dangerous amount of personal charisma and a harem of female admirers. I can only pray he will use his powers for good.

“Howling Mad Murdock”

My third son is only four and a certifiable lunatic. He likes earthworms, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and whatever his older brother Faceman is doing. He is armed with killer dimples and an utter fearlessness in using them.

Unfortunately, the A Team does not leave me any decent female characters, so wedged in between Hannibal and Faceman is:

B.A. Barrackus

My daughter is in 5th grade, also a swimmer, and has contributed a post for this blog as well. While she does sometimes have the “Bad Attitude” part of “B.A.”, it’s hard to blame her when she has to put up with her three brothers.


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17 thoughts on “Nostrikewhat? (About me)

  1. I also have 3 boys and a girl, same order. And I do my share of “ignore parenting”- I’ve been a mom for a long time now and all I want is peace and quiet. I think it’s something to do with having so many boys…
    My husband and older son can’t grow a proper beard either, although my son keeps trying. We don’t have very good hair genes I guess.


    1. There may or may not be a picture of me with a beard lurking in these posts. I guess you’ll just have to read every single one! 😀

      BTW- France? Very jealous! That’s going to put you in striking distance of so many fantastic places to visit. I’ll be following your blog with green-tinted glasses on.


      1. Haha okay it’ll take some time but I’ll do my best to find said picture.

        Yes! I’m so excited of all the places I’ll be able to visit in France first, and so many others so close by! Thanks for following 🙂


  2. Sheesh, I’ve only started this comment five times trying to decide on how to word it properly…

    Really enjoying your blog posts! Since Monday, your blog is the first one I go to in order to get my morning dose of giggles (and weird looks from my coworkers) and exclamations, “You’ve got to read this!”

    I don’t have any kids (yet) nor do I have any brothers so this is probably why my giddiness from reading your blog is at an all time high…every time I read. Suppose I better get back to work now…


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