Happy New Year! Again.

For the second year in a row, I am celebrating the new year in September. This has three big advantages: I beat the inevitable crush of New Year’s blog posts from other writers, the weather is better, and there are far fewer drunks. It’s like going to a beach town in the off-season…

Thanks to the miracles of the Internet I don’t have to vaguely allude to what my goals were last year- instead I can dissect them with all of the verve and enthusiasm¬†of a squeamish middle-schooler gutting a frog. Time to jump into the Wayback machine!

Diddly doo diddly doo diddly doo

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Week in Review: September 4th #meta

One of the lessons from work that I am trying to apply more to my personal life is to take a moment to recognize your own accomplishments, so I am going to experiment with these “meta” posts a bit. I also learned how to make use of the “Read More” tag in WordPress. It was surprisingly easy.

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In Defense of Scouting

I am, somewhat accidentally, a fairly involved Scout Parent. I wasn’t in Scouts as a youth, and in fact I was kind of against the Boy Scouts. Now I have assorted hats, patches, and uniforms, which at some point means I have to stop claiming it was an accident and start owning it.

Perhaps that day will be today.

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