Week in Review: September 4th #meta

One of the lessons from work that I am trying to apply more to my personal life is to take a moment to recognize your own accomplishments, so I am going to experiment with these “meta” posts a bit. I also learned how to make use of the “Read More” tag in WordPress. It was surprisingly easy.

Here is what I wrote after my summer vacation:

  • Why I am Now Listening to Country Western Music (already written and scheduled for later this week) Done! 
  • A piece on the Scouting (draft stage) Done! The most popular post this week by twice as much.
  • A year in review (not started) First draft this weekend
  • My New Motto (not started)
  • Experiments with Probably Legal Forced Child Labor (not started)
  • This One Secret The Grocery Stores Don’t Want You to Know (not started)

Thanks for reading and commenting!