Egads, I’ve Misplaced My Summer

I had lots of great ideas for writing this summer, but most of them fell into the abyss I am going to call “browsing Reddit until my eyes water.” As much as I enjoy making fun of Mrs. Nostrikethat for the amount of time she spends on Facebook, that’s largely due to her having friends, whereas I have a collection of random links submitted by complete strangers in an attempt to earn imaginary Internet points.

Never forget the safe.

Regardless, here’s what is in store on the Nostrikethat front for the next few weeks:

  • Why I am Now Listening to Country Western Music (already written and scheduled for later this week)
  • A piece on the Scouting (draft stage)
  • A year in review (not started)
  • My  New Motto (not started)
  • Experiments with Probably Legal Forced Child Labor (not started)
  • This One Secret The Grocery Stores Don’t Want You to Know (not started)

I also have two reposts scheduled for this week because they’re timely and I liked them.

Here’s to another great year!

6 thoughts on “Egads, I’ve Misplaced My Summer

  1. I love all of the “not started yets” and the “because I like it”. I’m going to have to see what this Reddit business is all about. I like points…


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