Funny share: Taking back Halloween

Great PG-13 post from Marnie over at Scary Mommy:

Remember the good old days? The days before social media made everyone a life expert and a craft genius? Like the wonderful lazy days before Pinterest ruined our lives? People weren’t making spooky fingers out of carrots and hummus. They weren’t making pumpkins out of f*cking clementines and celery sticks. And they sure as shit weren’t crafting “boo-riffic” goddamned bananas! And that skeleton you crafted out of veggies? Don’t make me tell you where you can shove that.

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Writing I dig: Renegade Mothering

Quick update: I am currently digging through the archives of You should, too. Start with her piece on Caillou, because seriously that guy needs to die. That is all.