Funny share: Taking back Halloween

Great PG-13 post from Marnie over at Scary Mommy:

Remember the good old days? The days before social media made everyone a life expert and a craft genius? Like the wonderful lazy days before Pinterest ruined our lives? People weren’t making spooky fingers out of carrots and hummus. They weren’t making pumpkins out of f*cking clementines and celery sticks. And they sure as shit weren’t crafting “boo-riffic” goddamned bananas! And that skeleton you crafted out of veggies? Don’t make me tell you where you can shove that.

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One thought on “Funny share: Taking back Halloween

  1. Halloween is about candy comas and scaring the shit of your siblings when they’re least expecting it (think mask, scratchy sounds, and a flashlight in the middle of the night) for the entire month leading up to the day. OH..and coming up with the absolute wackiest costume choices, which don’t entirely come together until the zero hour at 6:30p on Halloween night.

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