The Moms You Meet At The Pool

This post made me grin. Sadly, there is really only one kind of dad. Two, tops.

I’m over at Scary Mommy today talking about swim noodles and kids named Namaste Jones.

IMG_0165 Fountain Enema

Now that summer is finally, hopefully, for the love of all things hot and sunscreeny, here…we have been making the rounds at some popular pools in Boulder. Sometimes I find it fascinating to watch other people interact with their kids. This may mean that I don’t get out a whole lot.

Here are some variations of Moms that I have seen at the pool:

1. The Regulars: The swimming pool that you are at is their swimming pool, you just haven’t realized it yet. They come in small groups and set up shop at the prime sunny/shady spot with their matching fold-out chairs and their coordinated snacks and brightly colored towels and eye you a little suspiciously if they don’t recognize you. They are together. You are clearly not in their togetherness with…

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