Birthday wishes and the Inner Diva

It’s my Internet birthday today.


I have always been pretty anti-birthday in general, under the pretense of trying to be low maintenance. I am beginning to believe that is one of the lies I tell myself though– I am actually a High Maintenance Male (HMM). Perhaps I should give in to my inner princess and insist on massive birthday festivities.

Do you think it’s more virtuous to strive for modesty or to honestly embrace one’s inner self?


2 thoughts on “Birthday wishes and the Inner Diva

  1. “The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.”
    -Bill Murray, “Lost in Translation”


  2. Everyone has the need to feel special. Birthdays are a culturally agreed upon day where it’s okay to be the center of attention and have it all about “me” as we all have birthdays.

    For me personally, I feel very special and very loved every day of my life, and so my birthday is just another day. I do enjoy making a big fuss over other people on their birthdays though, and they seem to diggit.


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