New dog is a suck-up

In his continuing quest to ingratiate himself into the household, New Dog has starting sleeping in my daughter’s bed. She is, as any 9 10 year old girl would be, absurdly pleased that the Dog has anointed her as Sleeping Buddy, especially because it’s something her brothers don’t get to do. In a house with four kids, exclusive *anything* is a valuable commodity: we are communists by necessity.

The only boy I better ever catch with her in bed.

Well now, in a new display of utter patheticness, New Dog has taken to going into my daughter’s room after she leaves for school, gently removing one of her stuffed animals, and find a comfy spot in the sun to sleep with it.

I wish this was staged. It’s not. He’s that pathetic.

I am on to you, New Dog.