Why I don’t like the lookup video


I wanted to write this article, but I took too long so Andy beat me to it. As I watched the video, it was easy to get caught up in the story-telling and the performance. It’s a great fusion of poetry and cinematography. Something about it bothered me a bit though, and I couldn’t put my figure on just quite what it was. This post gets it right.


edit: I have discovered the WordPress “post a link” shortcut is horrible. Blogger beware…


4 thoughts on “Why I don’t like the lookup video

  1. That’s yet another article on the Internet about nothing. Some people need to look up more. Some people need to look down more. They key thing is for everyone to try them both and find out what works for them. The answer to “Does it work for you?” is always better than what some “expert” columnist or cinematographer had to say.


  2. I just think the biggest joke is that if it weren’t for social media no one would ever see the video in the first place. If only the people who don’t really understand irony could finally clue in, then this would all be worth it.


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