I come from a Family of Planners, by which I mean no one in my family really planned much beyond what was for dinner. “Go with the flow” was our family motto.  I recently had the opportunity to plan what my and a small group of my colleagues were going to have for dinner on a recent trip to Portugal, a task which I was born to do.

My plan was to walk out of the hotel and see where we end up.

My lack of emphasis on planning stems in part from a completely unsupported belief that everything will work out okay in the end.

Unexpected, yes. Unwelcome? No.
Unexpected, yes. Unwelcome? No.

I was right.

No one will remember all of the effort that went into planning the ultimate family outing (not even you), but you will remember the time you stopped at the ice cream truck and laughed so hard that ice cream came out of your nose.

Leave yourself open to serendipity, it is the punctuation of life’s sentences.


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