Fear-mongering: Laundry Edition

Mrs. Nostrikethat has claimed this for years, but CBS reports that laundry is trying to kill… YOUR BABIES:

“We call them poison pods now,” said Morin. “We stick to the regular liquid detergent now. My daughter only had it in [her mouth] for a few seconds and she was impacted by it, so I can only imagine a toddler going to town on one and swallowing the entire thing.”

There you go moms, no more laundry. Think of the children.

Read the full “article” here.


6 thoughts on “Fear-mongering: Laundry Edition

  1. I wouldn’t call it fear-mongering so much as education; doubtful the packaging adequately addresses the danger. Chemicals are chemicals and should be located where young children cannot reach or climb to.

    Thanks for the link to the article. It is good to know.

    PS – what was she thinking? Putting one in her diaper bag??


    1. This was a case where the headline screamed “OHMIGODWEREGONNADIE” and the article was actually slightly more reasonable. Of course “Don’t feed your kids laundry detergent” doesn’t make for a very compelling headline, I suppose.


  2. I agree, it is certainly fear mongering. As if the packaging labels could somehow instill common sense, I wonder if the bottled alternative has a warning that lets people know not to chug it like Gatorade…


    1. Buried in here somewhere is the answer to the question “Why does my bottle of shampoo have instructions?”


  3. The fact that people need to be told to keep detergent out of reach of children is doing my head in. I get why a toddler thinks it looks like candy but WHY DON’T THE ADULTS KNOW IT IS NOT TO BE EATEN. Maybe we need to bring back though poison face stickers from the 80s.


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