Modern parenting, Part 1

[4:59:32 PM] Me: right
[4:59:41 PM] Me: I just ate kiddo's nibbled pizza
[4:59:45 PM] Her: hahahahha
[4:59:52 PM] Me: i am basically the dog at this point
[4:59:56 PM] Her: I love that you are right there ===> and we are on skype
[5:00:03 PM] Her: this is good stuff
[5:00:05 PM] Me: it's the only way we can have a conversation
[5:00:15 PM] Me: without people INTERRUPTING ME
[5:00:23 PM] Her: is that your low?
[5:00:27 PM] Me: yes.
[5:00:31 PM] Me: 😦
[5:00:31 PM] Her: door slam
[5:00:33 PM] Her: door slam
[5:00:36 PM] Her: dooooooooor SLAM
[5:00:40 PM] Me: I'm right here, I heard it.
[5:00:43 PM] Me: I am ignoring it.
[5:00:46 PM] Me: I need more beer.